The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a well known insightful coaching tool for reviewing all aspects of life. The version design for this app allows the user to map both current and ideal score for each area of life on the same chart. The resulting graph highlights where change is needed and the scale of that change in each area.

A simple menu allowing the user:

  • To create a new Wheel of Life
  • To look back over previous wheels
  • An orientation of using the app
  • A contact section for the Life Coach who created the app
The user selects each area and scores it according to how they currently feel about it
The user re-scores each area according to how they want it to be. The resulting graph shows their original score and their ideal score in a way that highlights where change is wanted and how much.
The user can:

  • Add observations from what they have learnt from the Wheel of Life
  • Add actions which will lead to their desired scores
  • Set reminders to review their Wheel again at a future date
  • Share their Wheel of Life to create a support network